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Colorful Pens

Discovery and Learning

PTAA K-8th Specials

Language: Mandarin

Language Studies Mandarin: PTAA K-7th Students enjoy learning Mandarin Chinese conversational skills and experienceing immersive activities bringing to live the culture of China.

Language: Spanish

Language Studies Spanish: PTAA K-7th Students love to learn conversational Spanish and participate in hands on and minds on activities bringing hispanic culture alive.


Art: PTAA Students have creative opportunity to learn fine art skills under the direction of professional Artist, Ami Blackshear. They explore different medium and build skills which in turn enhances all learning within our arts integrated program.

Music/Theater Arts: PTAA music classes combine dramatic play in which we will build into a full bodied Theater Arts program. We understand the importance of "play with purpose" and strive to build skills and confidence.

Physical Education

K-7th Grade Physical Education: PTAA students have fun and are active!

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